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Our Story

Furniture store with a revolutionary concept

Chairman Store was founded with a lofty objective: to provide boutique-quality, trend-setting furniture at an affordable price point to the food and beverage (F&B) sector.
Buying furniture should not be a hassle. With Chairman, we guarantee low prices, convenience and furniture that make your environment a better place.  We offer a diverse range of furniture products, from chairs and tables, to cupboards, shelves and customized furniture, ideal for home and commercial purposes. Whether you are running a Food & Beverage business, or looking for functional design solutions for your office or home, there is always Chairman to cater to your every needs!

How we have done differently from the rest

The furniture industry is dominated by a few large-sized companies that inflate the prices to artificially high levels. By circumventing traditional distribution channels and engaging with customers (You!) directly through our website, Chairman is able to provide high quality, trendy furniture at a fraction of the price.
We are different in two ways:
1)      We select only the best designs and purchase in bulk
Why waste precious time and effort sifting through furniture catalogues or exhibition fairs when all the best, quality designs are in Chairman? Our collections are handpicked from selected artisans that delivers quality products, and then purchased in mass order to deliver the cost-saving to you.
2)       We sell directly to You
Our web-based sales approach allows you to bypass the furniture stores and the high prices they charge. Rather than having to be bogged down by the delivery details, we settle the logistics for you, assembling included. You can now open your new café, bistro or restaurant with a peace of mind with Chairman!   
Our Vision
To provide businesses one-stop online solutions for all types of furniture purchase, with guaranteed low prices and high quality, trendy design and excellent services
Our Mission
To bring the ease of selecting furniture to businesses and offices at competitive prices with in-time delivery and excellence services.
Why Us
- Full range of furniture for office, restaurant, retail, education centre, and even home use
- Save the hassle of running everywhere to find the right business furniture
- Low prices since we are totally online
- Large volume purchase available
- Buy more and save more – we discount harder when you buy harder!
- Flash sale at lower-than-cost prices every day! Stay tuned with us!
- Free delivery to your door!
- Comprehensive product demonstrative photos bring you better shopping experience even     compared with showroom