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Buying Guide

Welcome to Chairmanstore!
This buying guide is created to help you with your purchase at Chairmanstore. 

We open two ways for you to purchase products: Personal Purchase and Company Purchase.

1. Personal Purchase.

2.For Company Purchase, please do not log-in your account but follow the steps below.

a). Choose your desire products and available options and number of quantities, then click Quotation. 

b). After you have chosen a list of products, click the “Send Quotation” icon on the menu bar.

c). Check the products’ quantity and options again, then click the ““Send Quotation” icon bellow the list of products.

d). Follow the instructions on-screen to confirm your quotation.
e).After confirming the quotation, you will receive an email “Quotation” from us which comes with a special Quotation Number.

f). Once we receive your quotation, we will check our stock and get back to you within two working days.
g). After this, you will receive a “Quotation Update” email. Your status will be shown as “Complete”. Please click the link in the letter or click “Quotation” on the bottom of our website.


h). Then you will be led to a "Conversation" page, Please enter quotation number and email, and the click “Quotation” icon.

i). View your quotation and either “Accept” or “Delete” the quotation.
Please make sure you have kept the PFD quotation file before you accept or delete it, because you can’t search for the PFD quotation file again if any of the tow actions has been token.

j). Confirm the order. “Click “√” icon to accept the quotation, roll the page to the bottom and click “COMFIRM” icon.”  Once you accept the quotation, please do not close the page as you will be directed to another page for payment. If you close the page your order will be canceled automatically.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy the buying experience at Chairmanstore!